High-Quality Lawn and Gardening Supplies

Eagan Hardware Hank in Eagan, MN is here to help you with your lawn and gardening needs. Our friendly staff will provide you with products and advice to keep your yard looking its best.

Visit us and you will see that our seasonal greenhouse offers many annuals, perennials, baskets, trees and shrubs. We also carry a wide variety of garden vegetables and supplies.

Your lawn needs food, water and protection to survive. Adding fertilizer such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus can make it lush and beautiful. You can purchase grass seed and fertilizer as well as a wide variety of insecticides, weed control and potting mixes from us.

The Scott's Solution Center in our store can be a helpful tool to diagnose and treat many issues affecting your lawn or garden.

Fertilizer - Scotts

  • Lawn Seeds
  • Sprinklers
  • (Including Toro & Rainbird)

Rodent Control Products:

  • Mice
  • Moles

Disease Control:

  • Lawn Fungus Control
  • Fung-Onil
  • Rot-Stop
  • Systemic Control

Insect Control:

  • Bonide
  • Bon-Neem
  • Buggslayer
  • Bug Max
  • Captain Jecks
  • Home Defense
  • Horticulture Spray Oil
  • Terro
  • Wasp & Hornet Spray

Weed Control:

  • Ground Clear
  • RoundUp
  • Weed-B-Gon
  • Beetle Killer
  • Caterpillar Killer
  • Malathion


  • Liquid Fence
  • Shake-Away
  • Repels All

Hand Tools:

  • Fruit Pickers
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Loppers
  • Pruners
  • Rakes
  • Saws
  • Shovels


  • Bird Food
  • Bird Feeders
  • Hardware Cloth
  • Stakes

Small Engine Repair

2021 Shop Charges and Tune-Up Rates

Lawnmower Tune-Up*
Self-Propelled $79.95 + Parts
Push $69.95 + Parts

*Prices do not include parts.

Riding Lawnmower Tune-Up*
Lawn Tractors $149.95 + Parts
Garden Tractors $149.95
Z-Turns $159.95 + Parts

*Tune-up only, carburetor rebuild extra.

**Prices do not include parts.

Snow Blower Tune-Up*
Single Stage
Complete Tune-Up $79.95 + Parts
2 Stage
Engine Only Tune-Up $74.95
Complete Tune-Up $99.95 + Parts

*Prices do not include parts.

Chainsaws/String Trimmers/Blowers*
Tune-Up $59.95 + Parts

*Prices do not include parts.

**4-cycle trimmers will require extra labor.

Off the Saw $8.00
On the Saw $24.00
Extra Passes* $3.00/each
Lawn Mower Blades
Straight Blades $8.00
Mulching Blades $9.00
Commercial/Riding Blades $10.00
Other Blades
Circular Saw
Garden Tools
Scissors & Shears
Ice Auger
Hatchets & Axes
Drill Bits

*Extremely dull chains may require extra passes.