5 DIY Residential Remodeling Ideas You Can Try (Right Away)

May 21, 2022

Learn more about easy DIY home improvements that don’t cost a fortune.

Most people think that residential remodeling automatically needs a team of workers and thousands of dollars. Surprisingly, there are many home improvement ideas that you can do on your own (or with just a couple of people). You also don’t need to shell out lots of money to get them done. 

Check out these great ideas to give your home that much-needed update. The best part is they are so easy and affordable; you can try them right away!

  1. Give Old Furniture a Makeover
    Is your trusty nightstand showing signs of age? Instead of ditching it for a new one, you can refinish it for a fresh look. For example, you can stain it in a darker shade or repaint it with a different color. For cabinet doors and tabletops, you can also try the next idea. 
  2. Use Adhesive Veneers
    "Peel and stick” adhesive (or PSA) veneers are coverings that simulate the appearance and texture of wood. Sticking them over furniture can be a quick, mess-free solution for refinishing or furnishing. Unlike painting or staining, PSA veneers don’t need drying time as they work like stickers. 
  3. Hide Cords and Cables
    Organize cords and cables to make your home look streamlined and allow for easier cleaning and maintenance. We highly recommend this for home offices and entertainment rooms, where many cables are usually in place. 
    For instance, you can run router, speaker, and power cables through baseboard cord channels. These moldings effectively hide and protect those cables and can visually blend in with your existing baseboards, too. 
  4. Make Use of the Area Under the Stairs
    With just a little creativity, you can turn that tiny space under the stairs into practical storage or a work or living area. Get those stackable cube shelves and set them up to conform to the silhouette of your stairs; these shelves are perfect for books and collectibles. You can also place a small chair and desk in there to make a little nook—great for reading or writing! 
  5. Rearrange Furniture
    Residential modeling doesn’t always entail paint jobs and expansions. By simply changing the furniture layout in your house, you can improve its visual appeal and functionality. You can probably gain more space, too. It also gives you the chance to declutter and donate (or sell) stuff you don’t need anymore. 

For more home improvement ideas and products, contact Eagan Hardware Hank in Eagan, MN. We offer a wide range of DIY tools and supplies to help you with your remodeling projects.